Keymaster can help a home owner achieve whatever level of security makes them sleep well at night. We can do everything from simple repairs or re-keying of your locks to supplying and installing Medeco high security locks, frame re-enforcing plates, "Charlie bars" and specialty locks for sliding patio doors as well as window bars and security film.

Aesthetics play a huge role in most residential applications so Keymaster carries a wide array of designer door hardware to help a home owner achieve any look they desire. Changing your door hardware, cabinet hardware and bathroom hardware is an affordable way for most home owners to totally change and update the look of their home, their castle. Taking things to the next level, Keymaster offers keyless entry and programmable lock systems that can allow you to give a key to a house cleaner for example that only allows them in on Tuesdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or whatever other time your program into the schedule.

In keeping with the physical security side of things, Keymaster offers a full line of fire and burglary resistant safes to allow you hang onto those precious and irreplaceable items. Keymaster can also help secure your home with closed circuit camera and recording systems. These are commercial grade systems that offer clear, sharp images and at least 30 days of recording time on the DVR. The DVR's allow for fully digital connectivity to the LAN in your home and with a high speed internet connection remote viewing is also available to you with no monthly fees. We like to say: "Keymaster can make your home more difficult to break into than your neighbours'."