Larger companies generally have the same compliance issues as small business; however because they generally have deeper pockets the need for compliance and loss and liability controls are even more important. Preparing proposals and quotations for budgetary consideration is a regular and common service that we provide our customers and prospects with at Keymaster.

We understand the fact that time is usually necessary to have work under capital budgets approved before it can proceed and that process can take a year or more depending on the fiscal cycle. So where it’s an office, warehouse or manufacturing facility Keymaster is capable of providing the level of Physical Security and Access Control needed to keep your firm in compliance and to reduce your losses and liabilities.

Medeco’s Smart Key system is often applicable to many Corporate security situations as with a single credential access can be granted to the perimeter and most secure areas of the building with a programmable key that leaves behind and audit trail of its usage, UL listed mechanical security for mid security level areas and BiLevel for those areas of lower security concerns.

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