Keymaster offers reliable and innovative security risk consulting solutions to help ensure the safety of your company’s employees and its assets. Our experienced staff can help you develop a clear safety and security plan filled with effective strategies and programs designed to protect every important element of your business: the employees, the customers, the physical environment, the supply chain, and your products.

Providing a strong local focus, Keymaster is uniquely equipped to deliver comprehensive security consulting and support. We are often called upon to confer on issues of building and fire code compliance and share our extensive knowledge to ensure all applicable codes and statutes are met. Not only does this keep the building secure and the occupants safe, owners and managers are also protected from potential liability.

Keymaster is frequently called upon by Insurance Companies to examine and provide reports as to what type of safe their clients might have to aid in risk assessment. Additionally, Keymaster regularly assists the Hamilton Police Service to aid training officers in the Crime Prevention and Break and Enter units. We go through a “Target Hardening” analysis, which helps officers understand how individuals and commercial business owners can reduce their chances of being targeted by a crime of opportunity.

To learn more about the many safety and security options available, please contact us at 905-575-9111 for your no-obligation consultation.