burglary-rated-2Keymaster is uniquely positioned to care for your entire safe servicing needs and requirements. Just like your vehicle, safes and vaults have internal parts that can and will break down over time due to non-service. That’s why they need to be examined regularly by a qualified Keymaster technician to ensure continued reliability. Over the years our certified safe technicians have received calls from companies that have important documents locked in a safe that can no longer be opened because the maintenance of the safe had been overlooked for years.

If you have lost your combination, had a malfunction with your safe, or experienced a burglary, we can get you in and get your safe back in working order so you can quickly retrieve your valuables.

Under most instances, we can also move safes across Canada. So whether you need a safe moved locally in Hamilton or across the country, Keymaster can organize this work for you. We have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to do it right and do it safely.

At Keymaster we are proud of our extensive experience in the safe and vault industry. From lost combinations and lockouts, to lock malfunctions or general service, contact our professionally trained safe technicians at 905-575-9111 for a no-obligation consultation.