Keymaster Physical Security and Access Control Service VanAt Keymaster we offer preventive maintenance programs specifically designed to save you money in the long run. These programs will result in fewer costly repairs and a longer life for your doors, frames and hardware.

If you are responsible for the security of a commercial facility with more than 25 doors, call us about setting up a preventative maintenance consultation for your door openings. Keymaster will inspect, adjust and lubricate all components of the door system and report on any problems or deficiencies that may require extra attention.

Doors, frames, hinges, closers, power operators, locks, strike plates, electric strikes and mag locks, panic bars, weather-stripping and thresholds all combine to make the door opening system. Like anything else, these items should get regular attention to prevent them from failing to work when you need them most.

Let Keymaster partner with you for your long-term commercial preventative maintenance needs, get your no-obligation consultation today!