Keymaster is pleased to provide Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) solutions that performs intelligent video analysis and fully automates video monitoring in an easily consumable way.

As a certified Bosch Dealer, we employ the latest advances in intelligent video analytics in order to deliver relevant, useful business intelligence when you need it, where you need it.

ProductPhoto_Web_all_18146274443 IVA 6.10 Intelligent Video AnalysisFrom automatically tracking and identifying objects to analyzing motion and extracting video intelligence from analog, digital, or IP video streams, it provides your security team with the information required to respond quickly and take action. Not only are events immediately displayed, the data can also be stored for later review. Equipped with a next-generation, intelligent digital image processing system, IVA greatly improves security and safety, keeping a constant watch on any space.

Each camera operates independently, without a central analytics server. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of advanced detection functions, ranging from idle object to trajectory tracking. As a complete system solution it captures comprehensive details of recorded scenes, giving you the power to find any event – even those not originally set up as alerts. Users are ensured access to this data anytime, anywhere – even in low bandwidth situations.

Due to industry advancements, today’s Video Analytics software is easy to use and offers growing functionality. It can also be integrated with other security and information systems to create new possibilities for using and managing video data.

Over the next three to five years, Intelligent Video Analytics is projected to be the fastest growing technology segment of the surveillance and IT sector, with significant investments from companies that wish to secure their computing environment. Contact us at 905-575-9111 or to set up your no-obligation consultation today.