Keymaster carries safes for almost every need out there.  From protecting simple documents in your home, to sensitive data media in the workplace to High Security Jeweller’s safes and cash handling safes.  Read on for a sample of the safes we supply our clients most frequently but please feel free to contact us with your own requirements.  Our expert staff will be happy to help you determine your needs and find the perfect safe for you.  Also, please refer to our guide to help you understand the different types of construction in lablelled and rated safes.

Burglary and Fire Rated

These safes provide the peace of mind of one-hour fire protection in their high density composite materials along with relockers and other security features that provide burglary resistance.  Click on the pictures below to learn more about each safe.

Burglary Rated

Burglary ratings from the Underwriter’s Laboratories come in 4 different categories.  TL15, TL30, TL30x6 and TRTL30x6.  In short, the ratings determine that safes are tool resistant on the door side for at least 15 or 30 minutes, that they are tool resistant on all 6 sides for 30 minutes or that they are both torch and tool resistant on all 6 sides for 30 minutes minimum.  What you need depends on what you’re protecting and to what lengths a potential burglar would go to get it.  Click on the safes below to get a better idea of how these safes can protect your valuables, then come into our showroom to see one for yourself.

cash-handling-2Cash Handling Safes

For retail stores, restaurants and others Keymaster carries cash handling depository and utility storage safes.  With Class B insurance rating, many configurations of drop and dual-custody options, Keymaster can provide you with the right safe for your cash, cheque deposits, teller drawers etc.  Click on the safes below for more information, then come into our showroom to discuss your needs with one of our security experts.

Fire Safes

From small residential fire safes to huge commercial record safes Keymaster has you covered for fire protection.  Offering UL listings for 1 or 2 hours each, these safes protect documents, valuables, cash and more from fire. To read more about fire protection, click on the safes below and then come on in to our showroom to see them for yourself.